At BC Earth Exchange, our focus is to be the Lower Mainland’s one-stop shop for excavation by-products such as clean soils and fill, asphalt, concrete,
and even green waste.

We take pride in providing all of our services in an environmentally, ethical, and sustainable fashion. Integrity and trust are the foundation for creating such relationships which has led to our dramatic and continued growth as well as established us a leader in the local soil deposition industry.


Our mission
is less waste

Our company’s mission is to recycle as much material as possible into reusable products such as topsoil blends and recycled aggregates, before it reaches landfills. Our native excavated soils are screened and blended into various topsoil blends, asphalt and concrete is crushed back into a usable aggregate, and organic green waste is composted or chipped.


Land Remediation

The next stage in our unique approach is to work with landowners, whether agricultural or commercial, to implement and complete land remediation projects. This goes hand in hand with our transfer stations as it ensures fill deposited at remediation projects is clean and free of contaminates.

In larger scale remediation projects, we can actually screen and carry out all operations on site. This approach allows us to minimize costs, passing savings on to landowners and most importantly, utilizing this approach results in a high quality and professionally completed project. For more information on these projects, contact our offices.

Joint Ventures

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The Team

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